Original Force Is Hiring — New Year, New Positions!

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Do you want to participate in high-quality international projects?


《Marvel's Avengers》


《Baldur's Gate 3》

Do you want to create high-quality animations?


《Journey To Immortality》


《Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans》

Do you want to contribute to the inheritance of traditional culture?


Jinling Map" Digital Art Exhibition


Digital Restoration of the Liuli Pagoda at The Great Baoen Temple


if you are a professional 3D artist and game developer

Original Force is inviting you take on this journey together!

We are hiring new talent!

PART 1 Overview of job openings at Original Force

★Foreign-related position

★Overseas BD (Europe, Japan)

★Art Director AD

Research and Development and other positions

Pipeline Development Engineer (pipeline TD)

Graphics Development Engineer

Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer

Motion Capture Actor

Project Management (Japanese)

Game & CG Position

Special Effects Artist

Lighting Compositing Artist

Animation Artist

Rigging Artist

Layout Artist

3D Asset Artist

Environment Artist

Scene Terrain Artist

Concept Artist

PART 2 Why should I join Original Force?

[About Original Force]

Original Force is a high-tech enterprise specializing in computer three-dimensional imaging and digital animation content production services. Since its establishment, Original Force has focused on the core capabilities of 3D digital information technology and 3D digital content production, providing high-quality 3D digital content production services to numerous clients worldwide. The company has actively participated in the creation of many well-known works, including "Baldur's Gate 3", "Hogwarts: Legacy", "The Sims 4", "Resident Evil" series, "League of Legends", "Journey to Immortality" animation, "Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans", "Monster Hunt 2", "Deep Sea", and many others. With multiple international award nominations, Original Force's expertise in 3D digital content production has earned recognition from professional evaluation organizations both domestically and internationally.

Currently, Original Force has more than 2,000 employees from around the world, with hundreds of software copyrights and dozens of awards and honors recognized by government and industry authorities. Within the industry, Original Force consistently leads development with outstanding strategic vision and enhances industry efficiency through strong technical capabilities.

From Nanjing to seven cities in four countries worldwide, Original Force has transitioned from obscurity to prominence. Currently, for ten consecutive years, Original Force has been selected as a "National Key Cultural Export Enterprise," consistently exerting cultural influence globally.






(Partial Honors of Original Force)

 [The projects we have participated in]

Original Force possesses an efficient, high-quality, and high-tech end-to-end industrial production capability.

"How to Train Your Dragon" animation in a global bid in 2011, and being nominated for the animation Oscar "Annie Award" three times, my service field has expanded from games to CG and then to finance, technology, education, medical and other industry applications. Always as a pioneer, I am expanding more possibilities in the 3D digital content industry.

So far, Original Force has participated in the production of over 1000 globally renowned games, animations, and interactive experience content. We have established stable business cooperation with top-tier clients in game production, animation production, and other industry fields, including DreamWorks Animation, Electronic Arts, Sony, Microsoft, Warner Bros. Entertainment, China Mobile, Tencent, NetEase, SenseTime, and Sogou.



(Works produced by Original Force)


(Original Force Partners)

[Strong technical expertise]

As early as 2019, 36Kr reviewed Original Force and called it "one of the domestic companies known to invest the most in the field of technology". Over the years, Original Force has invested over ten million in technology research and development every year. The company has set up an independent technology research and development department, the Digital Technology Research and Development Center, to support the company's digital content production needs and further enhance the independent research and development capabilities of digital content production technology.

Currently, Original Force has obtained 156 computer software copyrights, 19 invention patents, 5 design patents, and a number of self-developed industry-leading technologies. These have revolutionized the project production process and greatly improved production efficiency.


(Original Force's Partial Hardware Equipment)

[Join Original Force, you can get]

■  Attractive benefits package

●  Diverse life allowances: Upon joining, enjoy the benefits of the five social insurances and housing provident fund + regular health check-ups + meal allowance + holiday perks + talent accommodation  (Nanjing) + interview subsidies  (Nanjing)!

●  Work from nine to six, ensure two days off: Full holidays throughout the year, ensuring a work-life balance!

●  Abundant Leaves: Starlight leave, Sunshine leave, Care leave, Antenatal check-up leave... A variety of leaves to meet all your needs!

●  Employee Welfare: Wedding gift, childbirth gift, illness condolence, etc., While we may not offer each employee a face-to-face hug, Original Force always has you in its heart!

●  Free Gym + Massage Room: Full care for your body during your leisure time, with traditional Chinese massage that is so comfortable you could fall asleep on the spot!






(Original Force Employee Club Activities)

■  Colorful Work Life

●  Dozens of employee interest clubs: basketball, Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing), esports, board games, music... Let every hobby find its home!

●  Multicultural Humanistic Care: Deeply connected with other high-quality enterprises in the park, we hold networking events every year to help you find your other half. In addition, you can bring your pets to work, raise fish and hamsters, exchange snacks for petting pets... Original Force Zoo is open for business!

●  You are located next to the vibrant West City Night Unending district, with food, sports, music, fountains... There are several convenience stores, shopping malls and food plazas downstairs, you can go for a stroll anytime!

●  Colorful activities: Music festivals, traditional Chinese culture tours, Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing) check-ins, masked singing meetings... various holiday activities, as well as social gatherings, annual meetings, regular travel team building, to make life more exciting!





(Original Force Special Event)

■  Potential Development Platforms

●  Dual promotion channels: Original Force not only offers diverse promotion channels, but also provides free professional skill training and management skill training to help individuals level up. Additionally, there's also an online learning platform always open to you!

●  International Project Practice: Every year, Original Force participates in numerous well-known projects domestic and international projects. " Journey to Immortality ", "League of Legends" mobile game, "Deep Sea", "Eternal Abyss", "Monster Hunt 2", "Resident Evil" series, "Uncharted" series, " The Last of Us " series, "Mortal Kombat: Assault", "Diablo 5"... Join Original Force, and you can also participate in AAA masterpieces!

●  Advanced Technology Experience: Original Force possesses several top-tier industry technologies and self-developed production processes and tools. With mature full-process production capabilities and employee training systems, every new employee can quickly grow into a versatile, battle-tested, high-quality talent!





(Original Force employee training and some new employee works)

And these

Just a small part of the power of Original Force...

Join Original Force

Explore more possibilities for self and industry.

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