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Original Force is actively seeking talented artists who possess a strong sense of responsibility and curiosity. With hundreds of positions available, we welcome individuals with exceptional professional skills, effective communication and teamwork abilities, and a passion for innovation and experimentation.

Whether you are an outgoing or introverted person, we encourage you to join us and let us help you pursue your dreams! Whether your aspirations lie in CG animation or game development, we offer comprehensive professional training and support to assist you in achieving your goals.

At Original Force, we strongly believe in harnessing the "power of talent" by fully utilizing the unique strengths and abilities of each individual. We value your hard work and dedication and provide targeted career development opportunities to help you grow professionally.

If you are interested in contributing to our company's growth by working on exciting projects, we welcome you to join us and develop alongside your favorite works.

Please send resumes and portfolios to hr@of3d.com, or submit them to our official recruitment website online.

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