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I. Terms of Use 

The content on this Website is provided for your review and reference only and is not intended for other commercial purposes. You shall comply with national laws and regulations, as well as the principles of observing the social public order and good morality, honesty and good faith, and shall not: 

1)Copy and paste or communicate and use, by means of message or in other ways, any illegal, threatening, defamatory, derogatory, retaliatory, profane or any other legally prohibited information prohibited by law, including but not limited to any seditious content that encourages crimes or content that violates civil obligations, local regulations, national laws and regulations or international laws, practices or conventions; 

2) Copy and paste or communicate and use, by means of message or in other ways, any content that spreads rumors about the private event of any other person, or paste or communicate content with viruses or with derogatory or damaging features; 

3) Copy and paste or communicate and use, by means of message or in other ways, any data, graphics or programs that may infringe the property rights of others, including the use of unregistered copyrighted text, graphics or programs, trade secrets and other confidential information, trademarks, service marks, etc., in an illegal way; 

4) In any way modify, copy, publicly display, publish or distribute information, data and other content on this Website or use them for any public or commercial purpose; 

5) Use information, data and other content on this Website on any other websites or print media or in any other networked computer environments for any purpose without the permission of this Website; 

6) Interfere in any form with the operation of this Website; 

7) Have other acts that violate national laws and regulations. 

II. Copyright Statement 

Content on this Website, namely text, graphics, LOGO, ideas, trademarks, images, identifiers, etc. are protected by Chinese and international copyright laws and other relevant laws and regulations. Other media (including online media and traditional media) shall indicate the following source of information in a noticeable position when reprinting original articles from this Website: 

The absence of a copyright statement for any content on this Website does not mean that this Website does not have the right to the content, and nor does it mean that this Website does not claim the right. You shall respect the legitimate rights and interests to such content under the principle of good faith and use it in a legal way. All content on this Website and its editing modes are protected by the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws. Any unauthorized use of the information on this Website may constitute an infringement of copyrights or other legal rights. 

Trademarks, service marks, and identifiers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “trademarks”) used and displayed on this Website and related links are trademarks registered or unregistered by the Company and other right holders. Your use of or access to any content on these websites should not be construed as granting you any right to use these trademarks. You may not use the Company’s trademarks in any way without prior written permission. Unless a prior written permission is given, the Company prohibits you from using the Company’s trademark as a link to any of the Company’s related websites. 

If you do not agree with or violate the above terms and conditions, your authorized right to use this Website will be automatically terminated, and you shall immediately destroy any downloaded or printed content from this Website. 

III. Disclaimer 

All content on this Website, including but not limited to the information, content, materials or products operated by this Website or available on it, is provided without warranty, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied commercial implied warranty made for a particular purpose. 

This Website shall assume no responsibility or liability for users’ potential property loss, economic loss or any other loss resulting from accessing, using, referring to, or viewing the content on this Website, and shall not be involved in any possible claims, actions, or lawsuits that may arise thereafter. Users violating the laws of the People’s Republic of China due to a breach of this Disclaimer shall bear all consequences arising therefrom, and the Website assumes no responsibility for it. 

Visiting this Website in any way, or directly or indirectly using information on this Website will be deemed as a voluntary commitment to obey the Disclaimer. 

For matters not referred to herein, please refer to relevant Chinese laws and regulations. 

Ⅳ.Infringement Statement 

If you believe that the information and content on this Website infringe your copyright, trademark right, right of communication of information on networks and other related rights, please notify Original Force Ltd. We will immediately resolve your claim properly in a legal and reasonable way. 

If you need to send a complaint notice to Original Force Ltd, please provide your name (organization name), place of residence, contact information, documents of rights (including but not limited to copyright certificate, trademark right certificate, and patent right certificate issued by relevant authorities, supporting document for the date of first publication or public release of the work, creation manuscripts, time stamp for the creation of the work issued by the authority, filing certificate of the work and other valid proofs of your ownership of the relevant rights), facts about infringement and other preliminary supporting documents. You shall expressly warrant in your complaint that the statement and relevant documents provided in your complaint are true, valid and legal. Original Force Ltd will make a judgment based on the information you provide.  The Company will deal with it promptly and, if necessary, contact you for consultation and settlement if your complaint is deemed reasonable.  

V. Right of Final Interpretation 

The Company may amend the terms and conditions provided herein at any time. You shall frequently visit this page for current terms and conditions as they are closely related to you. Some terms and conditions stated herein may be superseded by legal notices or terms and conditions specified by other pages of the Website. You understand and accept the rules, statements and related updated terms and conditions published on this Website. 

The terms of use, statements, and the rights to modify, update and finally interpret them are owned by the official website of the Company. 

VI. Applicable Laws 

The settlement of disputes in connection with the Disclaimer or using the Website shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

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