Original Force Shines at XDS 23 - An Inside Look at the Event!

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The Global External Development Summit (XDS) kicked off in Vancouver from September 6th to September 8th, setting the stage for an exciting industry gathering. Original Force, a renowned production services company with a rich history of delivering exceptional digital 3D graphics, animation, and various services to global leaders in the game and interactive content arena, had the privilege of being a key participant in this prestigious event.


XDS, short for the Global External Development Summit, first made its debut in 2013 and has since become the premier international event in the gaming industry, particularly focused on the technical aspects. XDS primarily revolves around outsourcing services covering game art, game animation, game audio, game software engineering, and much more. Beyond these essential services, the summit features knowledge-sharing sessions and expert-led technical workshops encompassing various facets of the industry, fostering an environment where professionals can exchange insights and promote collaboration within the community.


Having been an active participant in XDS for many years, Original Force has stepped up as the PRESENTING SPONSOR for this year's XDS event. We have not only secured a dedicated booth at the event but have also introduced a booster juice bar, an exclusive feature brought to you by Original Force. With attention-grabbing display panels, Original Force proudly showcased its latest standout projects, including titles such as "Legacy of Hogwarts," "Atelier Ryza 3," "Gotham Knights," "God of War: Ragnarok," "Need for Speed," and numerous others. These exhibitions served as a testament to our industry-leading artistic, animation, and CGI capabilities, aimed at captivating studios on a global scale.


To date, Original Force has played a pivotal role in the creation of over 1,000 globally recognized games and interactive experiences. We have consistently delivered end-to-end, high-quality services in digital 3D graphics, animation, and more to the forefront of the game and interactive content development industry. Our commitment remains unwavering in exploring new frontiers and emerging technologies in digital content creation, offering holistic, efficient, and innovative digital content solutions to our valued clients. Catering to their unique needs, we provide a comprehensive suite of production services, spanning concept art design, 3D art design, rigging/lighting/VFX, keyframe animation/motion capture, porting/development services, and more, all rooted in the latest digital imaging and information technologies. We tirelessly strive for excellence, enhancing the value of our services through advanced technology to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.


Looking ahead, we pledge to uphold these principles, continuing to deliver superior services and market-competitive creations to our clients. Our goal is to conquer studios both at home and abroad with our cutting-edge artistic, animation, and CGI capabilities, establishing ourselves as a prominent leader in the global digital content production landscape!

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