Crystal Dynamic And Original Force Join Forces Again! Here comes New Characters For Marvel's Avengers!

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Original Force + Crystal Dynamics

We provides full-pipeline development services for Marvel’s Avengers!


On June 28,2022,A new trailer for Marvel's Avengers was released,introducing a new character,Lady Thor Jane Foster.

Original Force contributed full-pipeline development services for the game!

New Cooperation Model

Since 2017,Original Force has been working on the production of 3D characters, environment and animation cleanup for Marvel's Avengers.With the demand of changing outfits for the characters in-game, we have been providing character outfit and weapon asset production services since its inception.

For this game,Original Force provides full-pipeline production services for new characters!


In addition to 2D and 3D art assets,Original Force provides program music, VFX and engine integration.The content involved includesdesign application, program, animation, VFX, audioand in-engine integration of those phases.

Another breakthrough in the cooperation has been developing the game using the client's engine.Original Force not only produced in-engine game animation and VFX, but also improved its capacity in game program and engineering applications.


Biger Studio and Star Studio, two Original Force's internal teams, collaborated on design applications, programs, animation,VFX and engine integration of DLC characters.2D and 3D assets were produced by Chengdu Tianrui Studio and Langya Studio, the other two Original Force’s internal teams.

Team leads ensured great cooperation between the teams to achieve quality results.


Production Team Interview

Q: Unlike previous games, this project required you to provide a whole range of services, including programs, music, VFX and Engine integration. Could you introduce the main features and solutions of this production service?

Video Production Lead, Chen Dong: It’s a joint development instead of pure asset production. We worked with the client to develop the new character, and put our heads together to find solutions during production. This included building of development environment, early planning stage of character skills, game frame building, animation remaster and cleanup, logic function implementation for engine program, in-engine VFX production, improvement of game graphic effect, online TA test and overall bug repair. 


Q: What challenges did you encounter during production and how did you solve them?

Technical Director, Zhao Zhongxiang: In this joint development project, everything was new for us,, including the environment, tools and the engine, which all belong to the client. So we spent a lot of time studying and consulting the client’s technology forum.

Chief Programmer, Yao Shuntian: The client’s engine was developed mainly for programmers that are more inclined towards visual programming andhas a relatively independent architecture. Let’s take Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint as an example. The nodes in the UE4 Blueprint are context-sensitive, and there are a lot of network resources available for us. However, none of the nodes in Horizon are context-sensitive, and the same function can be implemented in many places. It took us some time to get it right.

Visual Effect Lead, Yue Jianfei: Since the engine was developed by Crystal Dynamic, our team spent a considerable amount of time adapting while they also offered great support in this regard. The biggest challenge was familiarizing ourselves with the new engine, understanding the functional logic and overcoming the language barrier. In terms of animation,converting from a male character to a female character was pretty hard and required huge amounts of effort.


Q: How did this cooperation improve and help the team?

Project Manager, Zhang Lizhi: After this cooperation, our project team has significantly improved in terms of team cohesion and response speed to customer demands. Moreover, we gained experience in joint development, which is valuable for our subsequent work.

Animation Lea, Ma Xixi: Despite being challenging, the project improved our internal communication, coordination and cooperation ability.


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