Another Futuristic Technology? The New Relighting 4D Scan Technology Is Ready to Impress You!

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Another Futuristic Technology? 

The New Relighting 4D Scan Technology Is Ready to Impress You!


Original Force hasn’t kept its friends updated for a long time!

It’s been 67 days since we posted our last article!

We have been kept busy over this period.

Now please allow Original Force to proudly show you

our latest self-developed technology—

Relighting 4D Scan System


Old friends should know that

early in 2019

our self-developed relighting scan system

already could capture Hi-poly facial dynamic geometric models and generate

Normal map, Specular map and Diffuse map

at a super high frame rate.

It can also capture subtle

expressions, muscles and folds, blood vessels

and other real physical changes in an actor,

so that readily available high-quality materials

can be obtained through model scanning.

This greatly reduces the difficulty 

and complexity of production

and significantly alleviates

the shortage of elites and the high production 

costs in the Domestic animation market.



thanks to our long-standing

Modeling and animation production technology

and traditional single-lens 

reflex (SLR) matrix scanning technology

we made constant innovations

to the existing relighting system

by adding the concept of a timeline 

to the original technologies

and finally generated this

first independent full pipeline

relighting 4D scan system in the industry that

can produce a scanned Hi-poly geometric model

per frame.

Relighting Scan


Traditional Scan:

It can simply capture a color map with mixed highlights and shadows, which need to be manually erased and cannot be completely removed.


Advantage of Relighting Scan:

It can capture material information including color map, Specular map, Normal map and Subsurface Scattering map (for translucent objects) at the same time, and the calculated model will be mapped, textured, de-highlighted, Normal mapped and finally integrated into a whole with one click. This technique can improve the quality of the model as well as work efficiency.

Relighting 4D Scan Syste


Relighting Scan:

It can capture a single frame only.


Advantage of Relighting 4D Scan:

Timeline is added to generate a Hi-poly geometric model per frame, even skin pores can be detected and captured, and; much more POSE options are available, so that the post-production virtual effect is closer to the performance of the actors.


Such 4D scan

requires a video capture system

with high frame rate and high resolution.

To this end, we have self-developed a

spherical matrix lighting space with a diameter of 3.5m.


With programmed Light Force lighting panels,

we can ensure absolute uniformity 

and synchronization of lighting.

At the same time, we use

3 high-speed industrial cameras and 52 SLR cameras

for video capture,

and high-luminance flash 

bulbs for synchronized lighting.


With frequent technological iterations and updates,

now we can

capture data at 25,30 and 60 fps

with a resolution of up to 3840×2160.


Original Force’s relighting 4D scan system can output

4D hi-poly geometric models and 8k mapping,

with scanning accuracy reaching the level of skin pores.


It can output geometric models

with up to ten million polygons

or generate low-poly models

according to the specific requirements of projects,

as well as Normal map, Specular map and Diffuse map.


Production Processes



The capture of the raw data from 4D scan is just the beginning. We also need to go through a series of processes, such as transferring, outputting sequential frames, aligning frames, calculating point clouds one by one, generating a hi-poly geometric model, high-resolution textures and a topology model.

The final outputs include materials like hi-poly facial geometry, Normal map, Diffuse map, and Specular information.

Industry Applications


The relighting 4D scan system can shorten the cycle of creating a high-fidelity realistic digital human, simplify the production process, and improve the level of details of digital human, presenting the real details of the performer to the maximum.


The relighting 4D scan system can simplify the production process of art assets, improve production efficiency and details of characters, and make the game more realistic.


The relighting 4D scan system can be used to produce more realistic model blends.

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