Journey To Immortality

As the first domestic annual animation series produced fully in Unreal Engine, it replaced the traditional animation production mode with a whole set of new “motion capture + real-time engine” animation production processes and a number of technologies independently developed by Original Force. It not only brought a new viewing experience to the audience but also created a new genre of domestic animation.

Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings A domestic MOBA mobile game developed and run by TiMi Studio Group of Tencent Games on Android, IOS and NS platforms.
Original Force provided CG animation production services for Honor of Kings, including the MAC concept video, the 6th anniversary MV entitled Glory of the Same Trade, Codenamed Dawn Break and The Song of the Merfolk.

Monsters in the Forbidden City

Adapted from a namesake children's fiction, the animation series was created by Original Force's teams. Original Force presented a fantasy world with Chinese characteristics that combines excellent traditional cultural elements with unlimited imaginations.
The project was one of the only nine online feature animations that were selected as “Key Support Projects in the Program of Animation Creation (Online) Based on Classic Folk Tales in China in 2020”.

QingLV Studio from Original Force, worked on ByteDance's project. Within the timeframe of 3 months, we have completed the CG, from the env asset till the full backend production.

Ben Yue

"Ben Yue," the 3D animated movie, is a fusion of ancient science fiction and Chinese mythological themes, inspired by the "Classic of Mountains and Seas." It seamlessly blends these elements to narrate a mythic science fiction story, featuring Chang'e, the first ancient Chinese female hero. The film provides a glimpse into the youthful and mischievous charm of Chang'e during her childhood. Characters like Chang Xiancun and Yinglong showcased in the trailer reveal an expansive imagination and a vast world.
Original Force had the privilege of providing a full production process, including storyboarding, assets, layout, animation, simulations, special effects, lighting, compositing, and editing.

Deep Sea

Original Force provided end-to-end production for the film, including layout, asset creation, scene design, animation, special effects, lighting, and compositing, excluding pre-production.


On July 7th, Garena released the fully CG-produced 6th anniversary music video "We win" for "Freefire" on YouTube and WeChat Video Account.
As a long-term partner of Garena, Original Force has served Garena for over two years, providing CG animation production services including record CG. This time, Original Force ventured into the realm of music video CG production for the first time, combining stunning CG visual effects with impactful cinematography and dance movements to create this dynamic CG music video!

Shrouding the Heavens

"Shrouding the Heavens" is the first animation produced entirely with Unreal Engine 5 in China. It premiered on Tencent Video on May 3, 2023. Adapted from the classic fantasy novel on Qidian, "Shrouding the Heavens" boasts an expansive universe and diverse battle scenes. To better showcase the magnificent “Shrouding the Heavens” universe, Original Force production team not only made groundbreaking technological experiments with Unreal Engine 5 but also put in a lot of hard work in terms of shooting and direction to offer the audience an exceptionally realistic and breathtaking audio-visual experience.
Original Force was honored to provide the full animation production service and created a fully automated UE episode management process. All visual effects stages were made in parallel, and the final output was integrated. To serve the parallel production process efficiently and produce content rapidly, an extensive amount of our proprietary Cloud Rendering Farm was used, allowing remote task submission, generating the final images merged continuously for 24 hours.


On July 28th 2022, has released its annual CG trailer, . Noise Studio and Sweatbox Studio from Original Force, worked together on this challenging project. Within the timeframe of 4 and a half months, we have completed the full 3 and half minutes CG, from the very beginning of storyboard till the full backend production.
In July 2023, as one of the premium partners for 'Naraka:Bladepoint', Original Force was honored to be invited again to produce the anniversary celebration CG, providing full-process production services including storyboards, atmospheric concept art, 2D special effects, and more (excluding music)!

League of Legends: Wild Rift

It has been a great hornor for the Original Force to be part of this great CG trailer, . we have been deeply involved in script design, storyboard polishing, till the full bakend production.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

A Netflix original Animation film. Original Force was proud to be the production partner for this wonderful CG animated film.

Ugly Dolls

Original Force provided full-process animation production for this film , including modeling, lighting, and composition.


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