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Original Force

Established in 1999, Original Force has become a leading company in digital content production, specializing in 3D art production for video games and CG animations. With over 2,000 full-time employees, Original Force has consistently delivered high-quality services to world-leading entertainment companies, contributing to the production of more than 1,000 titles.

Original Force is committed to empowering the best content creators and companies with their top talent, leading-edge technologies, professional management, and exceptional production efficiency.

Corporate Events

At Original Force, enjoy the wonderful moments of life.

We gather numerous employee interest clubs, provide comprehensive facilities, and organize rich holiday activities. From music festivals, birthday parties, Chinese style tours, traditional Hanfu attire days, masked singing events, regular team-building trips, to park gatherings... Additionally, Original Force welcomes pets and encourages employee individuality expression, making work more liberating.

Original Force, where happiness and dreams walk hand in hand!

Original Force was founded by Harley Zhao in Nanjing


Started to collaborate with DreamWorks to produce the TV series: How to Train your Dragon.


Original Force artists were nominated for “Annie Awards for Best TV Character Animator”.


The game CG trailer Asura, was showcased globally at SIGGRAPH. Original Force set up a subsidiary in the United States.


Original Force participated in the animation production for the movie Monster Hunt 1. 

The Company set up a subsidiary in Chengdu.

Game outsourcing team expanded to more than 500 people


A subsidiary in Los Angeles was set up. 

The Company received an investment from an industry fund of Tencent. 


The Company participated in the production of Bilal, the first animated feature film in the Middle East, which was shortlisted for “the 89th Oscar Best Animated Feature Film Award”. 

A studio for real-time digital film and TV was founded, which became the first team in China to produce movies and TV episodes with Unreal Engine as the core.


One of Original Force's subsidiaries teamed up with Wanda to complete the production of Longjiang Legend, an interactive movie game provided in Harbin Wanda City, which marked the expansion of the business scope for Original Force. 

The Company dug deep into the Nacm real-time technology and integrated real-time live-action images into the virtual world of UE4.


Original Force produced 30% of the full-process visual effect shots for Monster Hunt 2 and successfully created the two main CG characters, Wuba and BenBen. 

The Company partnered with Tencent in launching the production of the Monsters in the Forbidden City project. 

Two subsidiaries were set up in Wuhan and Thailand respectively. 

The Company started a dedicated R&D team to develop new technologies.


Produced A Mortal's Journey, the first animated drama series in China that used real human motion capture and real-time engine throughout production. 

Participated in the production of Tales of Arcadia: 3 below. 

Original Force artists were once again nominated for “Annie Awards for Best FX TV/Media”


Original Force co-produced the China's first 3D AI-powered anchor “Xin Xiaowei” with Xinhua News Agency and Sogou. 


Original Force was nominated for Annie Awards for the third time for animating Wizards, one of a trilogy produced by Dream Works. 

Original Force was selected as a national “Little Giant” SRDI enterprise.


Original Force won the Golden Plane Tree Ten-Year Achievement Award and was selected as a key software enterprise in Jiangsu Province. 

The new season of "A Mortal's Journey" was released, attracting over 1.3 billion views and it won the "National Style Heritage Award" at the 19th China Animation Golden Dragon Awards. 

Self-developed High Fidelity 4D Scanning System officially unveiled.


Original Force once again proudly secured the national title and recognition, being selected for the sixth consecutive time as a "National Key Export Cultural Enterprise." Additionally, it was approved as a "National Postdoctoral Research Workstation."

In collaboration with Nanjing Cultural Investment Group, Original Force achieved a global milestone by digitally restoring the Liuli Pagoda at The Great Baoen Temple in a 1:1 scale, presenting the artistic essence of the Ming Dynasty's renowned "Number One Pagoda."

The animated series "Monster in the Forbidden City: Moonlight Maze" was chosen as part of the "2022 Outstanding Domestic TV Animation and Creative Talent Support Project" by the National Radio and Television Administration.

The new chapter of the animated series "A Mortal's Journey to Immortality" went live, accumulating nearly 2 billion views and igniting a new wave of popularity in the Bilibili national animation community.

Pioneering the AIGC frontier, Original Force took the lead in unveiling various self-developed technological achievements such as the "Ultra-realistic Thousand-Person Scanning Data Package" and the "3D Digital Facial Expression Generator," contributing to the continuous improvement of industry efficiency.


Original Force will continue to explore the endless possibilities at the intersection of technology and creativity, striving for innovation and excellence.

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