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● What does Original Force do? 

Original Force is mainly specialized in providing digital images, animation and other 3D digital content creation services in games, animation and other market segments. To satisfy the increasing market demand for digital 3D graphics and animation products, Original Force is expanding its services to areas such as finance, media, education, e-commerce, and communications, providing high-quality 3D digital content for hundreds of famous enterprises around the world.


● Where is Original Force located? 

Original Force is headquartered in Nanjing, China, with branches and independent subsidiaries in Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, San Francisco, and Thailand. 

● What are the works produced by Original Force? 

Original Force participated in the production of more than 1,000 famous games in the world, including Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, God of War, Uncharted and FIFA; Original Force makes equally brilliant achievements in its global CG business. It participated in the production of many famous masterpieces, including DreamWorks’ blockbusters Dragons and Trollhunters in Hollywood; Ugly Dolls, which was invested by Alibaba Pictures and released in the United States in 2019; Monster Hunt, which broke the box office record of Chinese movies; Asura, a CG masterpiece showcased globally at SIGGRAPH; and Fan Ren, winner of the Best Animation Series Award in 2021. 

All of them demonstrate Original Force’s outstanding and mature industrialized production capacity. 

● How does Original Force handle intellectual property rights? 

Original Force Ltd abides by the laws of the People’s Republic of China regarding copyright, trademark right, right of communication of information on networks and other related rights and respects the intellectual property rights of any company or individual. All works entrusted to us by our clients are the property of the clients. Original Force trains its employees regularly on knowledge and practices of intellectual property rights, trade secrets and network security to help them develop the awareness of confidentiality. 

● Can I download materials directly from your website and use them? 


Except for some of our own copyrighted works and commercial copyrighted materials, all the images and videos used on this Website are from  the projects co-produced by Original Force and other partners, to which the intellectual property rights are owned by our clients. They are used by Original Force for display purposes only. 

If you need to use these materials, please apply to us and the corresponding copyright holders for authorization. 

● How do I contact Original Force or request quick cooperation? 

If you intend to contact and cooperate with Original Force, you may leave a message through the sidebar [Online Message] on the Website or through our official WeChat account [Original Force Ltd]. Our specially assigned staff will check the message regularly and provide feedback for the corresponding department. Please provide a clear and complete description in your message, so that we can evaluate it and contact you. 

You may also email or call us for a more detailed communication experience. 

Original Force’s email for partner contact: Original Force’s telephone: 025-51885766

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